Pruning Your Trees Can Add Years to Their Life

Schedule tree pruning services in Alpharetta, Marietta, GA and throughout the Atlanta, GA area

Like most living beings, trees require care and attention in order to grow healthy and strong. Pruning your trees is one of the best ways to ensure their long-term health. Homeowners and business owners in and around Alpharetta & Marietta, GA turn to J P Tree Service for tree trimming and pruning services. We can work on trees of all kinds and sizes.

Tree trimming requires expertise. If you cut in the wrong place, it can stunt the growth of the tree. Call 770-587-9688 now to make an appointment with a tree care specialist located in Alpharetta & Marietta, GA.

Discover the benefits of careful pruning

Tree pruning is an important part of any tree care plan. Not only will it extend the life of your trees, it will also...

  • Increase sunlight exposure for the lower branches
  • Reduce the risk of tree disease or pest problems
  • Strengthen your trees against extreme weather
Tree pruning also promotes symmetrical tree growth. If you need tree pruning services, contact J P Tree Service today.