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The Circumstances of Tree Removal


Taking care of your trees takes planning and professional care; however, many times having to remove a tree or having a tree come down in your yard is an unavoidable circumstance of weather, disease or neglect. Knowing when to remove a tree before it potentially falls is imperative to avoid damage, and having a professional manage the tree removal process will assure the procedure is completed correctly.

Looking for Problems

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) recommends having mature trees professionally inspected annually; however, there are signs your trees will demonstrate beforehand that show they are in need of care. If a tree that blooms did not have leaves sprout in the spring, there are mushrooms growing on the tree, or there is loose or missing bark, it could be a sign of bigger problems. A professional can come to your property and suggest procedures to save the tree, or remove dangerous parts of the tree which is preferred. Yet, sometimes the entire tree cannot be saved after these measures and needs to be taken down.

Removing the Tree

Tree removal is a dangerous and specialized job, and should only be completed by a trained and certified professional. There are several different methods in tree removal, and each should be examined with your contractor. Damage to property, cost, clean-up and the equipment used should all be carefully considered. Oftentimes, the decision to remove a tree is not solely the homeowners. Many cities and homeowners associations require inspections and permits before a tree can be taken down. Lastly, ask about the different options for removing stumps and lumber, and make sure this service is included in your final cost estimate.

Falling Trees

Fallen trees can cause monumental damage to your home and property. If a tree has fallen on your home, evacuate, call the police and your insurance company. If the tree has collapsed on power lines, keep a safe distance and contact the power company right away. For trees that have plunged on the ground, without causing damage to property, it is still imperative that professional tree removal experts handle the situation.

Good Neighbors

Unfortunately, not every tree in the vicinity to your home or car is on your property. If you feel that a neighbor’s tree may be posing a hazard to your property, it is recommended a certified letter asking for the removal of the tree be on record, as this could help if an insurance claim is ever filed. If a tree on your property falls on your neighbor’s home, you could be subject to a lawsuit if you are deemed negligent about possible disease in the tree. Having a professional inspect your trees can avoid unnecessary stress in the aftermath of a fallen tree.