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Have a Healthy & Beautiful Yard This Summer


It is that time of year again. Backyard barbeques, poolside parties and dinners on the patio become weekend events. Having healthy and well-maintained trees this summer can add to the quality of your outdoor entertaining space, and protect them from summer storms or searing heat. Younger trees especially need extra attention, as they usually do not show signs of stress until it is too late. Read more to find out how your yard and trees can remain protected this summer.

Evaluate Your Surroundings

Hiring a professional tree service to take a look at your yard can ensure your trees are staying strong and healthy. An expert can assess the condition of your trees for insect infestations and diseases, suggest treatments and offer advice on how to correct any issues.

Calculate Any Risks

Summer storms and droughts are no joke, especially here in Georgia. If you have trees that are close to your home or where you park your cars, weak limbs or dead trees can cause major damage. An arborist can come and examine your property, as well as point out limbs or trees that may cause an issue should a gusty storm occur. Having limbs braced or cabled, offering preventative care, and removing dead trees are options when protecting your home and family from downed trees.

Proper Pruning

Summer pruning does more than make your landscaping look nice. It also is important for the health of your trees. Trimmed branches encourage healthy growth into the fall season by allowing more sunlight to reach low bushes and grass.

Make a Plan

Making a plan can help your trees thrive during Atlanta’s hot summer days. Mulching with oxygen-rich products can retain soil moisture and suppress weed growth. Fertilizing with slow-release fertilizer will lock in nutrients until the fall, and watering should be done slowly during the evening or early morning. If water restrictions go into effect, consider using rain barrels or researching other methods of irrigation. A professional can walk you through the details of a long-term tree maintenance strategy.

Only Hire a Professional

As with any home maintenance project, you should always hire a well-trained and knowledgeable professional. For tree care especially, only hire someone with a certificate of insurance and with the proper credentials. Knowing what equipment will be used and having a detailed estimate will also eliminate any surprises and help you understand the scope of the job. Lastly, ask for references. A reputable company will definitely have many happy customers willing to share their experiences.